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Our Contacts

The following is a list of officers members to help you communicate with us. Please feel free to email the contacts below.

Contact our President Jay Butterfield

Jay Butterfield is our current President.  You may contact him with any questions or concerns regarding the club and club grounds.

Royce Masinelli and Jonna Sipp are the new Playday Co-Chairpersons.  You may contact them for information regarding Playdays. 4H groups may contact Royce and/or Jonna to arrange for the use of the grounds for hosting an event.

Mike Hula is the current Vice President. PLease contact Mike if you have any questions or concerns regarding the club and club grounds.

Jonna Sipp is our current secretary.  Please contact her for information about the newsletter. Email Jonna with things you would like to see in the newsletter. 


Pam Butterfield is our current Speed Chairperson.

Rich Wolf is our contact for roping events scheduled at Capital City. If your club or group would like to hold an event at our club grounds please contact Rich Wolf, Jay Butterfield, or Stacy Markel.

We still plan to have Clay Heermann hold Friday night ropings at the grounds. 

Lauren Willis is our current chairman for Jackpot Barrel Racing at Capital City. Contact Lauren if you have questions about barrel racing events.

Board of Directors

Carrie Smith Board Member -  

Stacy Markel Board Member