Playday Rules

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Play Days are to be held from April through October (whenever possible) for the members of Capital City Horse and Pony Club. Non-members may attend as many play days as they wish, however, they will not earn points towards the year end awards. POINTS WILL NOT COUNT UNTIL MEMBERSHIP DUES ARE PAID – NO EXCEPTIONS. Members must have a minimum number of club volunteer hours to qualify for year end awards. These hours can be donated by other members of the family membership. For example: If a rider shows at the April and May play day, but does not pay their dues until June, the April and May points will NOT count.

Volunteer Requirements: Individuals must contribute four (4) hours in any cumulative increments (example: help set up for speed or run a gate for several shows). Family must contribute six (6) hours in any cumulative increments. Volunteers are responsible for recording their time worked. A chart will be posted in the office to record times worked.


First Place 8

Second Place 7

Third Place 6

Fourth Place 5

Fifth Place 4

Sixth Place 3

Participating 2 – including No Times in Game Classes

Exhibitions 0

Disqualifications (DQ) 0


10 and Under 1st through 6th

11 through 14 1st through 4th

15 through 18 1st through 3rd

19 and Over 1st through 3rd

Points are counted on the RIDER, not the horse. If using more than one horse in the same event and age group, the FIRST ride is to be the point earning ride, the following ride(s) will be an exhibition status. Speed Series shows follow Playday rules

High Point – all classes other than Mystery Race and other Special Event Classes are counted towards high point (open and age division classes).

Exhibition rides are not included. In the event of a tie breaker for year end placing, the top placing will go to the rider who has attended the most CCHPC shows.

Tie Breakers: Should there be a tie for a year-end award, the individual who has attended the most shows will receive the higher placing. Should two individuals have attended the same number of shows, then the person with the most 1st place placings will receive the higher placing and so on if that method still shows a tie. Should all methods still prove to show a tie, that will result in a tie for the year-end awards for that particular situation.


Any rules not addressed in this rule book pertaining to showing/placing will be at the judge’s discretion. THE JUDGE’S DECISION IS FINAL! We expect all club members to treat our judges with respect and consideration. If a participant has a complaint about a judge, please voice it to the play day chairperson(s), current president, or put it in writing and present it at the next club meeting.


The club encourages a relaxed atmosphere at our play days therefore type of clothing is optional. For safety, all riders on the premises must wear boots with heels, NO TENNIS SHOES. This included lead line riders. Long jeans or English breeches suitable for riding are required. Hats and coats are optional. A rider’s number must be placed on the rider’s back, leg, or on the saddle pad (either side). It must be visible to the judge. It is possible that a rider may not be placed if the number is not visible. Helmets are encouraged for safety.


Tack type is optional, however, any type of bits or other equipment considered severe by the judge will be marked down accordingly. In pleasure type and horsemanship classes, including walk/trop open – martingales, draw reins, tie downs, etc. will disqualify the rider.  Riders in walk/trot 10 and Under may use single rein or tie split reins if necessary for safety reasons.  Tack should be appropriate for the type of seat being shown. Australian saddles can be used in either Western or English classes, but the corresponding tack must be consistent with any type of seat being shown.

The following classes may be shown either English or Western:


Bareback pleasure (if showing English, rider must post at the trot)

Lead Line

Walk Trot

Egg Race

Working Pleasure


Junior horses, 5 years and younger, may be shown in a bosal or snaffle bit, and two handed, in all classes including horsemanship and trail.  Age of horse will advance one year upon January 1 regardless of actual birth month.  State 4-H rules will be used unless otherwise stated (no dismount required for game events.)

One horse may not be ridden by more than one rider in the same age group. A horse may be ridden by more than one rider in separate age groups with the exception of Trail. A horse may be ridden only once in any Trail class in any one show.

Horse and rider are not allowed to practice Trail course prior to being judged on that day. Some trail obstacles will remain set up for practice after all entrants have competed for that day.

PATTERNS are allowed at judge’s choice for horsemanship and equitation.  However, chairperson(s) may review and decide level of difficulty of chosen patterns at any show.

Lead Line entries may or may not be asked to trot and the rider must back the horse unaided by the leader. Leaders must be at least 16 years of age.

Novice classes are for novice riders of all ages. Novice Riders will not be able to ride in any other pleasure/equitation class where a lope/canter is required.

Walk-Trot entries will not be asked to lope and rider must have feet in the stirrups.

The Baton Race is limited to two runs per horse & per rider. Your first run will be the only run that will count for year end awards.


Break pattern No Time

Cross back over the starting line No Time

Knock over a bucket in Keyhole No Time

Knock over a pole in Stake Race No Time

Hind feet that do not pass the second set of the two buckets in Keyhole No Time

Falling off horse No Time

Dropping baton No Time

Improper hand off in Baton Race No Time

Rodeo Run-ins No Time

Knock over a Barrel in Barrel Racing 2 second penalty

Knock over a Pole in Pole Bending 2 second penalty

Leading a horse into the arena 2 second penalty

In timed-events, there is to be NO hitting, spurring, or whipping ahead of the cinch. The rider will be considered disqualified

If a rider touches a barrel or pole to set it back up, they will be disqualified.

“No-time” will receive 2 participation points whereas “Disqualification” will receive zero points for the class.


1. No Stallions permitted at Play Days.

2. All dogs must be on a leash and in complete control by owner at all times. Nuisance dogs will be asked to be removed from the premises.

3. No running/galloping of horses outside of arena or practice arena.

4. All tabs must be paid by the end of the show. Any insufficient funds check will place member on a cash only basis for the rest of the show season.

5. Checks may be written for no more than $20.00 over the amount for entries.

6. Cannot borrow any equipment or take equipment from the grounds without the permission of the board or the current president.

7. When using the arena to practice, all gates must be shut, all equipment put away, all lights, and buildings locked when finished.

8. Rental fees for the use of the arena is $150.00 per day (includes timer). This must be approved by the board in advance. Rental fees can be waived – see Play Day Chairperson for coordinating a show. A rental contract must be signed in advance. Lights and tractors fees may be applied.

9. There will be no refunds for scratches unless for extreme circumstance that must be approved by President and Committee Chairperson (i.e. injury or emergency)

10.  Exhibition classes will be held following the last of each age group.  Entries for exhibitions must be made before the last rider of the final class in each age group runs.  Riders in that last age group will be given consideration for entry if needed.

11.  For safety reasons, no horses are allowed within the fenced area of the office and/or cook shack.


Please contact the current play day director, president, or newsletter editor to volunteer to be a play day chairperson.

Responsibilities are as follows:

1. Hire a Ring Judge

a.   Paid $150.00 plus mileage for those traveling from outside 50 mile radius of the grounds.

b.   Must judge all non-speed events except trail

c.   Judge can be either an adult or youth: older 4-H members with some judging experience are welcomed.

2. Arrange for a Ring Steward (Play Day only)

3. Set-up crew for speed events (3-4 people)

4. Two back-up timers for speed events.

5. Two gate people (in shifts)

6. Announcer and helper

7. Entry office help (3 people) in shifts throughout entire show

8. Trail class judge

a.   Paid $75.00

b.   Set-up & tear down their own course

9. Check to see that the grounds committee mowed and the arena will be worked.

10. Unlock gates and buildings before show. Check and lock after everyone has left.

11. Purchase three dozen eggs for the Egg Race (keep receipt).

12. Use the current membership list to call and ask for help, or come to the meetings and recruit. There are many members who can answer your questions and lend a hand.



1. Patterns will be allowed upon the approval of chairperson(s).

2. Classes for Horsemanship and Pleasure will be run back to back in the same age group.

3. While the class is waiting to be placed, the next class will come into the arena and find a place on the rail.

4. After the class is placed, the class will be dismissed and results will be announced.

5. The announcer will try to inform you of tack changes. Please inform announcer of any changes ASAP.

6. Lead Line classes may or may not be asked to trot.

7. A CCHPC Rule Book will be provided for viewing on the website and copies available in show office.

8. Try to be as thorough as possible while keeping the show moving smoothly and a good pace.

9. Any disqualifications must be noted by the judge on the judge’s cards.


1. Be ready to announce 15 minutes before the start of the show, and give the first notice for the start of the show at this time.

2. Give a five-minute warning for the start of the show and call the first class to the arena.

3. When the class has been called to line up, announce for the next class to enter the arena and find a place on the rail.

4. Announce for Lead Line class that the leaders must be at least 16 years of age.

5. Be attentive to the judge and announce the changed of gaits, etc, accurately.

6. Be aware of tack changes and keep the judge informed of them properly.

7. Announce throughout the show about CCHPC memberships, play days, and other activities.

8. Refer to the rule book if necessary. A rule book will remain at the announcer’s stand.

9. Announce for helpers for the gates, setting up and taking down speed event, etc.

10. Try to be a thorough as possible while keeping the show moving smoothly and a good pace.

11. For Speed events, announce for the rider on deck to be at the gate ready to go as soon as the previous rider enters for his ride. This will keep the Speed events moving along faster without delays.

12. Speed event riders will be allowed 30 seconds to enter the arena after being called.

13. As a safety issue, please insure that all horses are tied adequately to trailers.  Untied horses must not be left unattended during show hours.

Changes may be made to these rules throughout the season at the discretion and vote of the Board of Officers.  Any changes made will be announced and published to the membership accordingly and this list updated at that time.